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Inside the conference Room after the briefing with the General.

1SG Wilson(Joker) Al looked around at the small group of people, looking them all over once more. This was definitely an informal assumption of command, something he still wasn’t quite used to even with his years in black operations now. He sighed a little, clasping his hands behind his back a second in a relaxed position of “at ease”," Well, I guess I’ll make this quick before we head out of here, huh?" His voice was smooth and silky as he talked, one of the traits people always noted about him. That and his eyes, the blood red hued eyes that scanned the soldiers standing around him," I’ve seen your files, or what is left of them that is. I know what you’re all capable of. Magi here and I have been working together for quite some time now, so I know full well what she is capable of." his hand unconsciously moved up to scratch the bottom tip of the scar running over his left eye before catching himself and tucking the hand behind his back once more," I want you to know that now that I’m your senior NCO and leader of this task force, I am here for you. The words may ring hollow right now as we have all only just been assigned together, but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to support us all in our missions. We all know the type of shit we’re up against and that death can come calling at any time, but I swear to you that, one way or another, we will all make it back, dead or alive. I want to know what you expect of me as the commander of this task force, but I also want you to know what I expect of you. It’s a very simple request; That you work as hard for me as I will for you. I can guarantee that there are going to be countless times that I will gladly put my neck in the noose to defend and support you all so long as you are willing to do the same for me. If we can do that, then this task force will be exactly what the General is looking for. Now, the first thing that I want is for us all to get out shit squared away. You saw where we’re bunking at. get you effects stashed. After that, you’re on your own time. Get chow if you haven’t yet, hit the gym, do what you do. Let me know where you are, though. i want 100% accountability. I want everyone in their racks by O’hundred hours. We’re getting our mission in the morning and we don’t know how much sleep we’ll get after that. So rest up and make sure you’re all sharp in the morning. I look forward to working with you all. Dismissed." With that, Al waited for any questions that might be directed his way, or for them all to file out of the room if there was nothing else.

Kairus (Steve): The tall Nazzadi warrior looked up, red eyes meeting red eyes, “Sir if I may,” he paused for a moment and waited for his CO to acknowledge him. “Could I speak with you later? Perhaps in the mess hall?” his voice was surprisingly gentle, yet confident. Kairus was used to seeing a familiar set of eyes, as was customary with all Nazzadi. However, Wilson was a human, and that put Kairus a bit on edge.

Magi (Majesta): :“Sarg…. when your done with me for the day I’m gonna hit the gym for a few sparring rounds, shower, and chow; Unless you have other orders for me, Sir. Also before we jet I need to req some replacement supplies.” Magi stands at attention waiting for final orders from Sgt. Wilson, not so much as giving the others a second glance. They’ll be loyal or they’ll be dead. Not that Big Al cant take care of himself He’s more than capable. Hell I’ve won on that bet more than once but they still have me to answer to for even trying.

1SG Wilson (Joker): Al looked to Kairus as he spoke up and nodded a little to his request, “Shouldn’t be a problem. Just link up with me whenever you get done. I’ll likely be at the bunkhouse going over things around here.” With that said, and a simple nod, the Sniper was dismissed to go about his business. He turned to head out the door when Magi spoke up. He hadn’t really realized that she was still there. He wasn’t surprised by the fact, but still. He smiled slightly as he turned to her, listening to her plans, “Sounds good to me. I’ll be in the bunkhouse when everything is said and done so go take care of things for you. I’ sure there will be time after the the mission briefing in the morning to get things from the quartermaster, too. So don’t worry about supplies too much tonight.” And with that he watched to make sure Magi went about her business. He stood in the now empty room for one moment, sighing slightly to himself as he contemplated things. After a few moments, he left out to take care of things for himself.

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