Sayra of San Francisco AKA Tinkerbell

Primarily a sword fighter because guns are just too slow, there's something that she's just not telling you.


Sayra just got off some “fluff” tours after spending four years at The Zone, where she saw quite a bit fucked up shit. Due to her Para-Psychic abilities, she can hyper-accelerate her actions and speed, making her an ideal infiltration specialist.

She carries two swords with her at all times, on a standard composite katana, which kept her alive for her time at the Zone and the other is a heirloom hyper-edge blade that she got from someone she’s really not ready to talk about. Maybe later.

(Kill the pointy ears and put a gun in her hand and this is her)



You don’t want to know. And really, we can’t tell you.

So stop asking.

Sayra of San Francisco AKA Tinkerbell

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