Kairus AKA Arrow

One of the members of the 86th NEG Blackops Division


Name: Kairus
Race: Nazzadi
Profession: Soldier
Allegiance: New Earth Government
Call Sign: Arrow
Place of Birth: █████████
Sex: Male
Age: ████████
Distinguishing Features: Stands about six foot. Gunmetal colored hair; Mohawk, dark skin with white lines as customary with all Nazzadi, each line is outlined with dark red tattoo lines on the out side. Red eyes that seem to pierce anything they fall upon.

Luck (2)
Acute Senses: Sight (2)
Duty (2)
Fanatical (2)
Watched (3)
Authority (2)

Tobacco (2)

Weaponry DMG Shts Rnds Cal Rng
RG21 +3 2 15 9mm 105/530/1030
MP•159 +1 3 4/1/5 45 9mm 15/30/50

Armour Protection
Spectra SHIELD 2/2

Strength: 6
Intellect: 5
Perception: 7
Agility: 7
Tenacity: 7
Presence: 4

Secondary Attributes:
Reflex: 6
Orgone: 11
Actions: 7 (2 actions)
Vitality: 11
Movement: 11 mph/27 sprint/6 cautious

Communications •
Computers ••
Munitions •
Dodge ••
Stealth •••
Thrown Weapons •
Observation •
Marksman ••••
Misdirect •
Survival •

Skill Focuses:
Marksman † Sniping
Observation † Binoculars


Specialties: █████████████████████████████████████████████
Security Clearance Level: ██████
Serial # ████████
Rank: █████████████████████████████████
Date of Birth: ████████
Birthplace: ██████████████████
Psyche Profile Anylsis: █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████

Born in ████████, and joined up with ████████ at the age of ████. ████████ was a ████████████████████████ force assigned with keeping the peace and dealing with public disputes within the city limits. On certain occasions encounters with the ████████ or ████████████ was unavoidable. Kairus had a natural talent for his superior ability to ████████████ at ████████████. At the age of ████, he was recruited into the ████████████████. Was assigned to the local militia outpost in ████████████████ for two years code named ████████████████. After serving his time for two years as a ████████████████p. , he was transferred to ████████████████████ and joined up with the ████████████████████. Where he served for several years there after.

According the ████████ report, on ████████████████████. Their squadron reported “████████████████████████████████████” begin liftoff from ████████████████ along ████████████. As was also identified in a similar report by his only surviving team member, codenamed “████████.” The report goes on to indicate that the “████████████████” began ███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ as per noted on ████████’ report. ████████ was unable to comment on this report and is currently undergoing psych evaluation. Their squadron was later ambushed from the lake side by an unknown force. ████████’ report also stated that he believed the ████████████████████ was responsible for this attack. ████████████ later investigated the incident and dubbed the disturbance as, “████████████████████” and was stricken from the records. ████████████ was then shipped off to ████████████ near ████████████████████, where he currently resides.

Kairus AKA Arrow

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